I could not have done so without the guidance

Testimonial Jan 30, 2023

As a new Entrepreneur starting out on my first adventure in creating a business from an idea I could not have done so without the guidance, knowledge and support that cloud&more has provided.

To say I would still be in the stone ages with them would be an understatement. cloud&more has provided me with amazing support, peace of mind and services. From Website design and implementation, web-hosting, email hosting, to completely secure instructor/client portal. Norbert has created a one stop all-in-one solution for my technology needs and data security. With his continued support I am light years ahead of my original timeline for the type of services I can now provide.

All this AND his team are all great people to work with!

Kenneth Gunn

Kenneth Gunn
Founder/CEO BoostEdu


Norbert Demps

Norbert has a particular taste for challenges that have other people pulling their hair out, he is the go-to man for any technical issue that seems impossible to overcome.