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Yes, It Is Possible: Transforming Business with Hugo Cloud & Nextcloud

Business Jul 9, 2024

At cloud&more, we are excited to share a remarkable case study “How T-Systems migrated millions of MagentaCLOUD users to Nextcloud” that reinforces our belief in the power of innovation and collaboration. The recent migration of Deutsche Telekom by T-Systems to Nextcloud is a testament to what can be achieved with the right technology and the right partners.

The case study highlights how Nextcloud facilitated a seamless transition for one of the world's largest telecommunications companies, proving that even large corporations can successfully embrace cutting-edge cloud solutions which are open-source, 100% EU-hosted, transparent, and privacy-respecting. This migration with millions of user is showcasing the robustness and scalability of Nextcloud.

As proud Canadian Nextcloud Gold Partners, we at cloud&more are inspired by this achievement. It exemplifies what is possible when organizations challenge the status quo and embrace new technologies. We are committed to helping Canadian businesses achieve similar success, providing them with the tools and support needed to transform their digital landscapes.

Let's work together to make the impossible possible. With cloud&more your Canadian Nextcloud Gold Partner, your business can achieve new heights of efficiency, security, and sustainability.


How T-Systems migrated millions of MagentaCLOUD users to Nextcloud - Nextcloud
MagentaCLOUD’s migration to Nextcloud in 2021 resulted in a fully equipped Online Storage with an integrated online office suite that further improves the user experience, flexibility and security for customers.


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