cloud&more your Nextcloud Partner for Canada and North America

Announcing Our Partnership with Nextcloud: A Sustainable and Ethical Alternative in Canada

Nextcloud Jun 26, 2024

cloud&more is thrilled to announce a significant milestone – our official partnership with Nextcloud! This collaboration extends our secure, ethical, and sustainable cloud solutions across North America, providing businesses and organizations with true technological independence and privacy by design.

What’s Included in This Partnership? This partnership brings together Hugo Cloud’s advanced infrastructure with Nextcloud’s industry-leading collaboration platform. Together, we will deliver an integrated solution that offers unmatched privacy, security, and customization tailored to your specific needs. cloud&more gains access to the Nextcloud enterprise support, ensuring reliable, high-quality service, and access to resources and knowledge.

Strengthening Hugo Cloud: This partnership enhances Hugo Cloud’s offerings with Nextcloud’s robust, privacy-focused collaboration tools, making our solutions even more powerful and secure. Hugo Cloud is part of the vibrant Nextcloud community, which boasts over 400,000 deployments worldwide.

Strengthening Nextcloud: Nextcloud benefits from our extensive infrastructure and commitment to sustainability, helping them reach a wider audience in North America and reinforcing their mission of data sovereignty.

What’s Coming Next? Stay tuned for upcoming product launches and enhanced service offerings resulting from this partnership. We’re working on exciting new features and integrations that will provide even greater value to our clients.

About Nextcloud: Nextcloud Hub is the industry-leading, fully open-source, content collaboration platform. Teams access, share and edit their documents, chat and participate in video calls, and manage their mail, calendar, and projects across mobile, desktop, and web interfaces. Based in Germany, Nextcloud is dedicated to providing digital sovereignty and privacy for its users. Learn more about Nextcloud here.

About cloud&more: cloud&more is a Canadian-based cloud provider focused on delivering ethical and sustainable cloud solutions. Our product suite, Hugo Cloud, operates with a minimum of 75% renewable energy and reduces digital CO2 emissions by 80%. Our mission is to provide secure, privacy-focused cloud services that empower businesses and organizations. Learn more about Hugo Cloud here.

Join us on this journey to the future of cloud computing, where your data protection and operational freedom are our top priorities.


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