Integrating Hugo Cloud services alongside import solutions.

Testimonial Apr 9, 2023

I have been using cloud&more services and Hugo for several years now, and I have found them to be excellent. It is great to be able to log into a cloud interface that immerses me with all of the online tools that I need, but all supported by a back-end that I trust, because it was designed with cybersecurity in mind, and is stored within my province.
I have really appreciated the speed that I have been able to access my resources, it is extremely high performance. It is quite exciting to log in and have a new feature be implemented that makes things easier for me.

On top of enjoying supporting a local New Brunswick business, a massive advantage has been the responsibility, where I can ask for a feature, and I definitely feel that my request is considered and promptly implemented. For any tech support required, cloud&more has been extremely responsive and helpful, not stopping until my issue has been fixed.

The cloud is improving very rapidly, with many new features coming online, and for the features that it lacks, normally because they are specialized to my line of work, having access to a hosted gitlab, and local filesync with my desktop has meant that cloud&more integrates very well with my working tool-chain.

By integrating Hugo Cloud services alongside services from other reputable providers, I feel that the quality of programs are excellent, and at least on par with mainstream cloud providers. And the suite is very well rounded, with solutions provided for all of the generalized business needs and more, especially for technical focused companies, such as for software development.

One thing that I really like is that when I sign in, it immediately shows me my customizable card-based dashboard, which shows me everything from my important files, to what’s on my calendar, to what are some important emails or tasks that I need to respond to. It is really great to log in and immediately see all the important things right in front of me.
In short, after using cloud&more services for a few months, I am hooked, and would absolutely recommend you try it as well, either for your business, or as your personal cloud.

Isaac Barchouse

Isaac Barchouse
CTO Co Founder of Victory Advanced Tech


Norbert Demps

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